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Kibenella Estate Sales truly is a family owned and operated company. Started by the husband and wife team of Patrick and Kristin. Even the name, “Kibenella” is a combination of our three children’s names: Kiley, Benjamin, and Annabella. Patrick’s professional career has always been in the customer service and hospitality industry. Kristin has always been in the retail management industry. Together we have been buying, selling and collecting antiques and collectibles for over 17 years. Patrick’s specialties are in coins, jukeboxes, jewelry and automobiles. Kristin’s specialties are in furniture, art glass, jewelry, statues, and housewares.
Together we frequented antique stores, auctions and estate sales all over the country and most of Canada. We met a lot of wonderful people and some not so wonderful people. We encountered a plethora of estate sales that seemed rushed or way off on their prices. Some had very poor customer service. Have you ever entered a store and were never greeted by an employee? Or were almost yelled at for trying to use a credit card for a purchase under $100? The estate sale industry is totally unregulated and unfortunately a lot of unscrupulous sellers are popping up every day. We knew that we could use what we learned from our professional careers and combine that with our love and passion for antiques and collectibles to start our own estate sale business. So Kibenella Estate Sales was born.
We pride ourselves on running a professional full service estate sale company based on good old fashioned customer service, not only to the public attending the sale, but to the owner of the estate as well. All of our employees are friendly, helpful and uniformed. We keep up to date on prices and market trends and have access to research materials and professionals in various fields either on staff or in our circle of contacts to make sure every item is priced accurately and we never impose a spending minimum on our customers who want to use a credit card.
We personally had to deal with the estate liquidation of several family members who passed away and we know how stressful and emotional it can be. We want to help others during this time and hopefully ease the burden of what to do with a house full of stuff. Hopefully you are just moving or simply downsizing. Either way, we want to help you. 

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Patrick & Kristin

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